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The Hooded Sweatshirt

 Tis the Season for Sweater Weather

The hooded sweatshirt or sweater with a hood is a style that dates all the way back to Medieval Europe.  In the US, the manufacturing company Champion created and marketed hooded sweatshirts in the 1930's to warehouse workers in the great state of New York. 

Trapped Ruby HoodieTrapped Ruby Zip Up Hoodie

We found out that in New York City, the hip hop culture in the 1970's glamorized the fashion of the hooded sweatshirt.  With the use of the hoodie in the 1976 film Rocky, this garment took center stage as an iconic piece of clothing. 

Envision Dream Classic Vision White Hoodie
Envision Dream Classic Night Vision Black Hoodie

By the 1990's Hooded Sweatshirts became a statement of university spirits across the country. Skateboarders and Surfers picked up the trend that spread through the western United States.  Since hoodies have become a mainstream piece of clothing similar to jeans, you now have a variety of styles to choose from. 



At Envision Dream, LLC, we enjoy watching the Rocky Film Series as well as enjoying the past, present and future phenomena of the Hip Hop Culture. We offer both pull over hoodies and zip up hoodies.  Featured on this product blog are our Envision Dream Collection and Trapped Ruby Collection Hooded Sweatshirts. 

Envision Dream See Me See You Zip Up Hoodie Back Black


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