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Introducing The Creative Mind Behind the Journey

Who is Sheryl/Sheri Peno? Why is she so significant to Sheri's Dream Catcher? What is her relationship to Envision Dream, LLC.? Where can you learn more about her and her journey? How will she engage with you? When can you see her again? Inquiring minds really want to know!!!

Sheryl Peno CEO Envision Dream

Dear Inquiring Minds,

My Name is Sheryl Peno aka Sheri Peno, I am a woman who believes in seeing my vision and being my vision

1. My products are sold thru our online website at
2. My personal blog is where I write my personal opinions, adventures and dreams at
3. My Vlog can be found on YouTube at Sheri's Dream Catcher
4. My Sip N Think Chat is created on Instagram Live @sherisdreamcatcher with our Envision Dream Sip & Think Mugs
5. My Nick name is Sheri
6. Envision Your Look, Capture Your Style, Roam Wild and Free
7. Stone of Divine Creativity- Trapped Ruby Collection
8. See Your Vision: Be Your Vision-Envision Dream Collection
9. Vibe with your Tribe- Tribe Vibe Collection
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Sheryl Peno
Live on Instagram @sherisdreamcatcher
Thank you for your continued following, encouragement and support.
As always Share any skit, video or post that you like.
I want to say thank you to everyone who has believed in me and who supports me in continuing to go after my dreams. As I usually say here at Envision Dream, LLC. continue to Envision, Capture and Roam. 
Sheryl Peno
Owner and Creator of Envision Dream, LLC