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Let's Rock and Roll

Envision Dream Rock-n-roll shirt

Why Rock and Roll?

At Envision Dream, LLC. we believe in standing firm with our roots.  The original phrase "rocking and rolling" described the movement of a ship on the ocean.  Furthermore, spiritually intense and passionate feelings can be referred to as the motion of the ocean.  Since it is known that a rock is a natural substance formed by two or more minerals, it is only logical to understand that when you put a rock in the ocean, it has the potential to move back and forth with each wave depending on its density. 

Without getting too deep into the water here and since we are history buffs at Envision Dream, LLC., we have researched the term "Rock and Roll" on  What we found was that the musical aspect came from the various combinations of African musical tradition with European instrumentation.  Since the union of "Rock and Roll" it has influenced lifestyles, fashion, attitude and language within our cultures. 

 Our Envision Dream Rock-n-Roll T-shirt resembles that of a 1950's-1960's style shirt but with some modern flavor. 

Envision Dream Rock and Roll Shirt

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