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Let The Rainbow Be Your Guide

Our newest collection at Envision Dream, LLC is our Rainbow Vision Collection.  How does this collection differ from our Classic Envision Dream Design? Understanding what Envision Dream represents is the first part.  Our design represents your own personal journey when pieced together.  The Rainbow Heart is placed behind the Journey. 

Envision Dream Rainbow Pink Beach Towel

But what does the Rainbow Heart represent?  The heart represents your own heart. Your heart is a delicate part of you but also a strong piece of you (the individual). When you put your heart into something, it makes it that much more personal to you.  This is important for when you come to an obstacle or road block in your path.  Their will be times that are hard and complicated.  As well as unexpected events along the journey. When this happens, you will need to look into your heart.  

Envision Dream Rainbow Red Hoodie

When a Rainbow appears in the sky, it can be seen as a sign of hope for a new day. When we say "let the rainbow be your guide", we are stating that even though we know at times it can rain and also pour, their is still always hope. Just like a Rainbow fills the gap between one end of the earth to the other like a bridge, it also can fill the gap that is missing within our hearts. 

Envision Dream Rock n Roll Rainbow Blue T-Shirt

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