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Envision Dream Beach Towel

Are you Sure?  Did you bring your Beach Towel? 
Envision Dream Beach Towel
A place where the sand meets the water is called a shore. With this in mind, archaeologists say that a knife and a towel were closely held personal items for travelers in the middle ages. Did you know that the chief purpose of a towel is to provide a surface which to lie on. Beach Towels are mainly used for drying our body when wet and wiping the sand off. They are also worn for privacy when changing in public areas.  Beach towels are typically bigger and wider than bath towels.   
Envision Dream Beach Towel Colors
Our Envision Dream Beach Towels are Available in a 30"x60"  Wrap Around. Envision yourself on the beach or on a cruise, by the pool or lakeside.  
You can purchase your own Envision Dream Beach Towel online at
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