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Envision, Capture, Roam

Envision Dream

Envision Dream, LLC. is not just a brand.  We are a statement, a philosophy, a way of life. Be the vision you see in yourself.  Visualizing possibilities for future opportunities. With a native inspired cultural background, our dream catcher represents mother earth and all of the life that sustains us.  Giving protection thru the night while sleeping. Also knows as the sacred medicine wheel used in spiritual healing. Our sea turtle combines both our inner emotions and time.  To have the spirit of the sea turtle means you work with patience, wisdom and endurance. Our sun represents the fire of passions.  We use the heat of the flames to influence and impact those around us in a positive light.  Our eagle allows us to see our vision freely while giving us the courage to look toward the future.  The mountain of elevation is our divine inspiration. Pieced together we represent the journey itself.  So Envision your look, Capture your style, Roam wild and free.

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