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Catch All Tote Bag

Did you Capture some treasures today?

What's in your bag?

Catch everything that matters in our Envision Dream Catch All Tote Bag. Basically you can use it to store or pack daily items. Take it with you on a picnic or to the beach.  Use it at the grocery store or perhaps a boating trip.  Fill it up with snacks for your kids' sporting events.  Take it to work, throw your extra's that don't fit in your purse in it.  Make it your own Catch All Tote Bag and Capture your own personal treasures for the day. 

This is an easy carry overall tote with two matching parallel handles. It's a nice 16" x 20" size bag.  Made from 100% polyester with a maximum weight limit of 44lbs (20kg).  Choose your parallel handles which come in black, yellow and red.  

 Catch All Tote Bag Collage

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